The cold creeps in. There's that despicable pallor on your hands. Flashes of coruscating light peak through, and you look up, wondering if perished buds could ever bloom again. It isn't that simple.

  You've been waiting. Waiting for hours on end. Your physicality has slipped away from you. Your entity relies on the encircling world. The world is blurry without a trace. It could be in front of you one moment, foreign the next.

  You lie, in a comatose state. You're nothing more than a headcase, soon to be a rested one. You would tell them: How could one be strong, if they hadn't yet experienced weak? You were weak and you accepted it. It didn't make you any less. See, now this is what they fail to grasp. You didn't mind the synthesis, of soaking up the foliage. Feeling over form, as common Romantics would resound. The act made you feel small, that you belonged. In fact, it wasn't an act at all. You were right where you'd always dreamt of.

  Petals have shrivelled in your palm. All your colour is drained as the sun hides away. 'It's time to go', they whispered.
Every time I get stronger, while I'm waiting here for you / let the feeling take over, you've got nothing left to lose / tell me how you feel / why does it feel so, so real? when did it become so real? / Every colour, mixed together will make another reality


In case of fire.

  Cue Reuben's 16th // Sadly, my camera had taken then the plunge and completely died on me. On the bright side, he kindly let me use the photos his mum took on his camera. (You can find more of his photography on his Instagram!) It was an afternoon/evening of flair - or should I say, flare. Usually the parties I've been to are comprised of suburbian wasteland and pizza, so it was a really nice change for the atmosphere to be one of ruralism. Living in the countryside definitely has its perks.
  Thanks to Reuben, there were some snazzy mocktails, intense table tennis games, incredibly tasteful music, a colossal backyard walk, (explosive) bonfires, plenty of banter and just overall chill vibes. To be quite frank I was the one most likely out of place, considering the fact that I only knew a few people there - and not to a sufficient degree. I did start to feel very welcome though, soon after, and I honestly had a pleasant night. (Blankets, roasted marshmallows, hot chocolate, and a perfectly beautiful night? You can't go wrong with those.)
  I distinctly remember the moment where the soft hues gradually met with the horizon, and I looked up to see the sky speckled with stars. I hadn't felt that in tune with nature for so long. It was a massive breather from the daily, modern grind. The following was a few surreal hours, surrounded by the company of people whom all knew each other so well; to have clicked with a couple of them was more than I could ever ask for. The humblest of times are when you are stripped of all your superficialities, when you sit in silence, cloaked by blankets, and gingerly sip away your every last worry. 
SOS: If anyone's got a Sony RX 100, please let me know how to fix this error - 'Turn power off and then on again.' My lens gets stuck midway during the turning off process; turning it back on/resetting/taking the battery out temporarily is to no avail!


Did I let you know?

  Daniela's back! You may have recognised her from a post in the past. In any case, our last catchup was from when you last saw her on the blog - since she's moved to Melbourne! It was unexpected news for sure, and I surely hadn't predicted her to have moved so soon. It's been a fair few months since she's settled nicely over there, and I couldn't be more glad to have her visit these holidays. (Note: Most of my closest, like-minded friends either go to other schools or live interstate/overseas!)
  Our grand plans // bookshop hopping + shared cafĂ© lunches + an hour of ice-skating (fake it till you make it!) + gelato by the seaside + more exploring + fireside festivities + prolonged bus rides + failed selfies + the tenacious quest for sushi
'When we envision a lack of division, the planet does another revolution.' - Red Hot Chili Peppers


Great escape.

  Today's little adventure // How fulfilling it was to have set aside time for Stephen and Rebekah. Some background information: I've known Stephen for as long as I can remember, ever since I moved back. We made a pact a couple years ago to stay in touch, and we still do. Whenever I spend time with him I feel absolutely at ease. It feels like nothing's changed over the years. (Probably one the most comforting things about our friendship.) Rebekah, Stephen's girlfriend, is also just an incredible person whom I got to know a few years ago. She's unbelievably kind and not to mention, a total sweetheart.

  Rarely do we all have the time to properly catch up, and I'm glad we managed to this afternoon. We had a tranquil time of checking out novelty stores, hunting for food (shout-out to pretty much the best IGA ever) and stumbling upon murals. I think I've successfully found my new favourite haunt. Overall, they turned an otherwise gloomy day into one of ardor.
'...The world has vanished around us // All I want is a place I can belong, all I need is some peace of mind.' - Washed Out



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