The hill.

  An adventure of soaring heights with the sibling. Let me break this up into six parts for easy reading, if you'd allow me to proceed. Part one // We sauntered around the Sunday markets, lingered and picked up handmade trinkets for our parents.
  Part two // Pumpkin pizza, coffee, steak pies and honeycake to taste. I can't say it was all that satisfying; still something new to sample, nonetheless. We lay willingly and languid under the sun. We didn't speak. We didn't need to. We just lay.
  Part 3 // We did some of our own wandering around the university campus, too. Chatting on the bench about topics of all sorts and taking pictures on a whim. We imagined university life and the alluring future spread out ahead of us.
  Part 4 // We retreated to the near perimeter of the river. The sun withdrew itself; a vanishing act. It repeated this fashion as it pleased, but we still enjoyed the riverside sights. We fancied taking in the scenery for a while. Just a little while more.
  Part 5 // After more relaxation, we made our jolly way over to the acclaimed bushland park. We conquered slopes, wind, flowerbeds, dirt, countless hills, trails and even a few sunshowers. But it was nothing too irksome to rain on our parade. 
  Part six // We dabbled deeper into our walk, only to find that we had strolled off-track. We climbed bridges despite my fear of heights. I was already battling the elements. We were rewarded, though, with the overlooking view. We had made it.



  It's currently 1.38am. The storm, she brews the darkness within. The density thickening under my skin. Of shadows and hollow spaces akin. She said I was always waiting for a miracle. Always wishing for more and a little less.

  Random past-midnight confessions, why not? #1: I suck at physics; its academic matter transforms my brain into mush. #2 I just cannot fathom the notion of study. #3: The weeks have been a string of both good and bad days. Some days nothing negative can get to me, and some days I tear up at the most minor, meaningless things. #4: Adolescence is so overrated - these years don't need to be the best of my life. Sure, it's been fun and eye-opening, but for one, I don't know why inadequacy always sneaks up on me. #5: The end of 2014 is on the tip of my tongue yet the near conclusion leaves me clueless.

Thursday - Supported friends in the public speaking competition. I didn't end up being a finalist, but I just had to be a spectator to eight of my grade's most astounding speakers. Every speech was positively bone-chilling, in the best way possible. I'm so proud of all my friends whom made it through, and of Lauren who won the competition. (She's one of the realest girls I've met this term. Her 16th birthday celebration a week ago is as depicted above.)

Friday - Attended the ever-nocturnal youth group. Seeing Alena was definitely the main highlight of the night. I can't thank her enough for remaining by my side - both literally and figuratively. I hadn't a clue that she'd turn out to mean so much to me, the first time I met her. It was an instantaneous connection. If only the world held more wholehearted, selfless people like her.

Saturday - Catch-up at Rebekah's. I got to catch up with more friends, most of which I hadn't properly seen for months. I actually had fun, unlike the convoy of pretense nowadays. The limited numbers must have been reason why. (Quality over quantity, folks.) I caught up with the good old primary school posse, along with Daniela and Rebekah. Certainly a bit more of an uplifting day, compared to former weekend traditions.

  Oh, dear me. Apologies if I bored anyone with this mere update, an influx of thoughts were encouraged. I've just been worn and torn. The rain has settled in once again, but surprisingly I welcome its stay. On most occasions, it's a dreaded mouthful. This time, it reminds me I'm not the only one that's benumbed. I occupy myself with warmth as I down every comforting cup's contents.

  And ultimately, a reminder to commence the week: Look out not only for others, but also for yourself.


Musical Muses #4 // Friday fever.

  It's Friday and I can finally unwind. It's one of the things I look forward to most throughout the week. Self-diagnosed or not, it's indisputable that I have Friday fever - and it calls for downright groovy tunes. I won't settle for less. These couple of tracks are ones I've loyally had on replay. They coincidentally seem to match the irrepressible nature of my swift, adolescent emotions. Anywho, I have just the fix for all you electronic disco enthusiasts out there. So search no more, my friends.

  Congratulations! Your feverish disco dream has just been fulfilled - or just mine, at least. And now I have a confession: Another reason I've been compelled to share music is because it's my wild card. By channelling all my emotions into a playlist, I bear the fruits of my labour and somehow feel more steadfast. How cynical of me, as you may think. But really, you should try it; it's therapeutic in my book. In the past 24 hours, I've been on the threshold of tears to utmost glee, and experiencing manic bouts of uncontrollable vigour. (I'll blame hormones for getting the better of me. Darn it hormones.)

  'Think for yourself. You have to be willing to cut against the grain and get the distance from your peer groups. And not only that, but you have to have a habitual vision of greatness.' - Olympic Ayres

  Coming right back to these songs, however, have steered me right on track for the weekend. So my advice is to keep good music close at all times.


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