How to fly // velvet skies.

  The past five weeks have swivelled past fairly quick. A couple of days ago I had been wishing for more time ,instead of being excited of returning home. I already miss the memories in Singapore this January, along with the ones made in other places. Yet for some reason, just being back home is enough for me. I realised I missed the familiarity of it more than anything. School is approaching and consequently, I can't help but look back on the month and smile. Upcoming is another chapter.

  The night I landed, I unexpectedly flew into the deepest slumber ever. I recall waking up the next  morning, unaware of my surroundings. It felt surreal to be back after all those weeks. Weeks where I had wanted to be back home, yet been prompted to generate my own fun. It lead to new meetings, good unwarranted fun and plenty of reminiscing. Nostalgia would be the most appropriate word to describe the mindset at the time, and even now.

  Just in case you missed the highlights of my January, I...

+ Caught up with a handful of old friends!
+ Met some insanely rad new people
+ Ate well and been out and about
+ Spent quality time with my brother, before he serves national service

  As I'm entering Year 11, less posts are to be expected. School starts on Monday (to my dismay, I actually thought it was on Tuesday - eeek!) and part of me insists on living in heavy denial. Part of me is looking forward to school, except of course the pressure and stress to perform. Sadly, it is the truth and I have to come to terms with it. I'm not sure how I'm going to cope with being idle for 6 weeks to managing all my time between ample sleep, a social life and good grades. Here's wishing me some good luck with that time management scheme. Good luck, indeed.

  I know some of you have already gone back to school! Regardless, I want to know: how do you manage?


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