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  I'm oddly inspired. I'm a nocturnal being; it's no surprise I'm much more vivacious at night, and I like it that way. I've been reflecting a lot in these past few hours of solitude. It's been blissful this time round. I've had to put off accomplish work, fill up a student leadership form for school, get onto emails for an upcoming blog project and also tend to the tens of draft posts in my blog interface. Throughout this process which often goes overtime, I am drawn to previous writings. I never usually look back on posts once I hit 'publish', so this served as a nice reminder. I really have not changed that much in the past few years - and if I have, it's for the better. My writing style has always been open and irrevocably personal, and I noticed it's faltered as of late. There's a lot of documentation but never really proper words of thought. I tend to lean towards abstract expression to keep anonymity of the people who present woes in my life, because I do care about them. Really, I do hate for there to be countless evidence of all the teen angst on here. With the negativity my verbs and adjectives and connotations typed up here bring, I want to clarify one significant thing.

  I am so very thankful for all of you. Consider this my late-night love letter to those I have not met yet feel like I've known for ages. I do care for you all, and to give back to my readers is easier said than done. The internet is a wonderfully versatile thing and it always amazes me how I've found my place on here. Especially with all of you lovely folks visiting me and giving endless praise. You've further helped me grow and work on myself. My Mum thinks it's beautiful, how I've manifested something so unconditionally crafted that I call mine. I agree, and am proud as she is of how far I've come with writing and/or blogging. It's been worth the eyebags and jolts of timely inspiration. I just want to meet you all physically, wrap my arms around you and give the most meaningful hug you'll ever receive. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  I say it a lot - time and time again, especially when I hit a blog goal. But it's past 11pm now and I have another hectic week of school ahead of me - and I am feeling so darn reflective. (Aren't I always?) I usually have a lot to complain about and question the universe about, so I should really openly express my gratitude more often. Some might say that I'm too open and emotional, whilst I see no problem with that. We are humans and emotions are not our weaknesses. They are our strength, when we join together. It's difficult enough to convey emotion from my brain to my fingers gingerly grazing the keyboard to the world-wide web, to you reading this on your screen as we speak. I find it just ridiculously incredible that people in other states and countries, from other walks of life, stop by and dedicate the time to read this seemingly silly word spill. I even know some people who are not active with blogging anymore, yet still come back occasionally to check up on me. You wish me well, and just know that I can only hope the best wishes upon you, too.

  To read what I genuinely express and appreciate it; you as a reader give me reason for even existing. This is an entirely raw, unpolished stream of words. I hope you don't mind. So thank you again, you lovely human being, you



  Ah, the holidays have come to an end. You could say I'm currently in the griefing stage, since I deem them to be the holy days. I can happily say though, the last week had me pleasantly occupied. Monday was a much-needed day at Veronica's. Wednesday saw poolside chills with Lauren, Yuxian and Liz. I also had a wholesome Friday night at Pearl's class party. I've listened to the entire Max Relax album by Millions on repeat. I'm up-to-date with all my favourite TV shows. I sacrificed time to be spend time with my Dad. I've eaten to my tummy's content. (Much to the dismay of my lacking health, may I add.)

  I've had my head in two places at once, too. Plenty of déjà vu on my plate as well. I toss and turn at night; I ache for rest. To put the past behind me and move forward. I'm wistful and wishful. I crave tranquility, assurance and clarity. Three unattainable goals of mine that I haven't quite got under my wing. Recent encounters and talks with (older) strangers, however, have rejuvenated my wilingness for the future. Potentially moving interstate for university, and starting afresh (again) - a huge leap in ambition considering I have no plans. It's unpredicted change I want to embrace, but I'm apprehensive of more mistakes. It's a world away but who's to say it's unreal? After all, it seems I'm never intended to stay for very long. 


Art reprise.

  Contrary to popular belief, the extent of my artsiness involves dignifying city murals. I'm no artist - and that's no confession, just fact. I've been meaning to be more conscious towards art, and bloggers like Amy and Tara have often pressed that urge. I used to love art and eventually I strayed from it. Luckily for me, my friend Lauren suggested that we visit the state art gallery. I hadn't ever been before, so we were determined to make the trip happen in the holidays. (It's hard to come by like-minded people who will readily embrace art.) So we cut to the chase, and set off on our pursuit.
  After appreciating prolific exhibitions, we decided we were done for the day. The art mission deemed fulfilling for our palates. We proceeded to a tucked-away café, according to Lauren's expertise. I'm an absolute sucker for little cafés, especially with an earthy yet urban twist. This one ceremoniously filed itself under that classification. We stuck around for a bit, chatted some more over fruity drinks and laughed lots. (Lauren pulled out mini M&Ms for the second time that day. Obviously, she knows all about adding flavour to life.) In any case, I'd be willing for a sequel to this new art-bound series.


Somewhere else.

  A little life update is in order! These photos are from both my camera and new iPhone. (Yes, I joined the club.) This will be a scattered post, as I forewarn you - nonetheless, I figured formalities would lose the affability. Let's get into it, shall we?
    The core of the holidays has revolved around lots of driving, treats for the tastebuds and scenery. I took to researching places deemed festive enough to celebrate my Dad's belated birthday. I chanced upon an orchard-based restaurant with homemade cider as their specialty. After the piles of rave reviews, I knew it would be perfect for my Dad. (Cider would be a change from the usual wine at the table scene.) So we went on our merry way and finally revealed the destination to my Dad on arrival. I highly recommend it if you're all for a serene meal in the hills, because we all loved it.
  The food was spectacular; we ordered their cider tasting paddle, cheese platter, asparagus special, barramundi, wedges and lamb shank to share. Their 100% natural red apple juice was pretty dandy, too. I mean, the concept of pure apples sure appealed to me. Along with that, we had a jolly time cutting up Dad's cake. We opted for the healthier alternative of honeycake, which my brother and I had furtively bought on Sunday. Notice the adorable card we hauled, too!

  But wait, the good food streak isn't over. We had a Sri Lankan dinner and later on watched Fight Club. (I was even more convinced to after Seryna's review.) I found myself giggling at the witty one-liners during its early stages. However, I was rather baffled throughout intervals of the movie. I reckon though, that it does showcase inculcated consumerism well. It's a compelling movie with plenty of illusionary prospects, I'll tell you that.


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