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  My holidays are finally here! As you can tell, I'm proper thrilled. I spent yesterday doing a grand sum of nothing, which was my chosen form of post-11-weeks-of-school recovery. The first executed endeavour included two tremendously lovely plans - meeting Zoë from Bramble and Lace, and taking part in a marriage equality rally in our city. (If you didn't know Zoë and/or her blog, you just have to check it out!) She's one of my favourite bloggers by far. She has an admirable versatility of posts, from snippets of her life to incredibly genius DIYs and other tips. Not to mention, she's within my near vicinity. Both Zoë and I had been discussing a meetup for quite some time, and today those plans were ultimately put into action.
  Before the rally, we stocked up on some fuel - in the form of bagels, of course. Zoë found this gorgeous, cosy café tucked away upstairs somewhere in the central city district. We had a nice chat whilst attempting to gracefully eat our food. (Café etiquette is a struggle.) It's always a treat uncovering new places, especially when they're locations you'd normally overlook. 

  Despite getting drenched, the trek to the rally was worth it. The magnitude of the turnout was sensational; fellow humans banding together for one simple cause, all in support of one another. By the time we made our way to the rally the rain was relentless. Thankfully, that didn't rain on our parade. I had such a pleasant time, advocating for a righteous change, with equally magnificent company. I don't think there's any other better way I would've spent my Sunday. 


Parachute // White Linen Launch.

  Not long ago, I was contacted by Parachute Home in regards to their new White Linen Launch - featuring luxury bedding and sheet setsinspired by their Venice Beach surroundings. I don't normally write posts like these, but I am invested in spreading the word for a meritable cause, even if it reaches less than a mile. What do you know, it comes out 1st July - today!
   Parachute is a Venice Beach based bedding brand, with aims to provide and elevate the quality of one's sleep experience. Having a good night's rest is indeed important, as well as something we all overlook the significance of. Sleep is indispensable - I mean, we practically spend a third of our lifetime in a slumber. We might as well make those hours count.

  Their bedding is proudly designed in LA and artisanally manufactured in Italy. For those of you currently blessed with the season of summer, you'll be delighted to know that Parachute's collection is comprised purely of linen. There's nothing quite like residing in soaring temperatures, and having that burden lessened by light sheets. Not only are they light and breathable, but their bedding garment is also dyed and washed for a softened look, and promises to age well.
  So if you happen to be looking for some fresh sheets, do have a look on! Their bedding is available in White and Fog (a light grey colour), ideal for a minimalistic feel. Personally, I think bedsheets serve as an excellent and versatile base for building your dream bedroom upon. The collection ranges from $50 to $249, which is another aspect of Parachute Home I'm fond of. You can even purchase linen bedding as Separates if you desire.

  One particular thing that caught my attention with Parachute is the fact that they are giving back. In partnership with the global, UN organization Nothing But Nets, Parachute is donating a life-saving malaria net to those in need (for every Venice set sold, which is now available in White Linen). These bed nets are insecticide-treated and could very well make a paramount difference with the reduction of malaria rates. So far, over 3900 bed nets have been donated in this campaign. Those are thousands of lives that have been put into consideration and aided, with the help of a simple purchase for a common everyday necessity.

  It's surely something I'd be rested assured with.


Musical Muses #8 // 2015 IS THE YEAR.

Before I launch into anything music-related: The US Supreme Court has ruled in favour of same-sex marriage. This is huge. This is revolutionary - a time to celebrate! Now it's time for Australia and other countries to take steps in this rightful outlook.
The first half of 2015 is yet to be over, but the music scene has been infinitely lively. With plenty of new releases from my favourite bands (albums and singles, making my love for them further intensified) and some uncovered artists I've warmed up to, there's no doubt a flood of hardcore love for these miscellaneous tracks.

+ The Wombats // Glitterbug
+ Neon Indian // coming soon!
+ Bag Raiders // coming soon!
+ MOVIE // Tusk Vegas
+ COIN // (debut album out now)

+ Tame Impala // Currents (soon!)
+ Last Dinosaurs // coming soon!
+ The Jungle Giants // coming soon!
+ Atlas Genius // coming soon!
+ Alpine // Yuck
+ Strange Talk // coming soon!

Peace // Happy People Was in town for Groovin' The Moo and played a gig for the Rosemount Hotel. Unfortunately, being under 18 robs me of many opportunities to see my favourite musicians in live action. How to feel instantly kick-ass: Gen Strange, Happy People, O You, Imaginary,  Lost On Me // To fall soundly asleep to: The Music Was To Blame, Under The Moon, Blue, Saturday Girl

The Wombats // Glitterbug Ah, yet again a victim to the under 18 rule! I was too excited for words when they announced a gig for July, but to my dismay (in very fine print, may I add) the venue is Metro City. Nothing like a vicious reminder that I'm not entitled to watching my favourite bands perform live. Worship-worthy: Greek Tragedy, Emoticons, Headspace // Catharsis much: Give Me A Try, This is Not a Party

Tame Impala // Currents Hands down one of my favourite artists of all time. There isn't anything quite like psychedelic rock that's as soothing and stimulating. In some Youtube comments, it was mentioned that some Phoenix vibes were sensed throughout. And I couldn't be more happier to agree.

Blackbear // Deadroses This album has basically had a lineup of songs I deem fit enough to contend as my daily theme songs. Got me getting my groove on: 4u, Deadroses, 90210, Waste Away, Needed You, Dirty Laundry, Idfc



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