SLOW MAGIC + eventful week update!

   (Photo credit to Raphael whom kindly took this shot! Pardon my face though.) The status quo... phew, where do I even begin? There has been an abundance of outings, both impromptu and intricately planned. Reconnecting with old friends and new ones. Catchups over food and tourist-like adventures. Fistbumping and shamelessly jamming to music on the train. Getting lost in translation. Singing classics out loud with dad, on cooling night walks. Retracing steps. Marvelling at time as it passes me by, every grain of it. These moments are simply precious to me. Here's a rundown from where I last left off:

Sunday, 11th // I got the chance to meet up with Tara from fashionbambini! How crazy it was to make time for each other during coinciding holidays, and who would've thought we'd get the chance to finally meet after being Internet friends? She held a meetup and later on we spent an hour just walking around the city. I took her to ION Sky, which I had visited once before and we revelled in the 55th level view. It was overall an insanely lucky encounter, along with meeting her lovely sister.
Monday, 12th // My brother arrived at the airport past midnight to join us all. Though it had been only a few weeks, I still missed him. I'm just glad we have each other for the rest of the month, before he gets enlisted in national service.

Tuesday, 13th // I watched Interstellar (after much persuasion) - to my surprise, I was so touched by the ending I cried. I found myself constantly baffled all throughout. I do wish I were more scientifically inclined, in order to understand the movie's concepts better. Besides that I thought it was a film of great proportions, cleverly thought out too.

Wednesday, 14th // Caught up over lunch with Shernyce and lounged at her place after. We conversed, binged on more food and watched a TV series and play. Some things never change, and I'm glad our friendship hasn't. Oh, how I love that girl.
Friday, 16th // Twas my first time visiting the S.E.A. Aquarium. (Photo-heavy post with better quality will be up soon!) I had some trouble with acquiring tickets, which lead to a very frustrated me. Thankfully Zheng and one staff member were understanding and didn't mind my manic intolerance. After that minor mishap, a couple hours of sea creature admiring ensued followed by a reluctant return from Sentosa. Plenty of fisheye photos, cute kids running around, attempts to get shark selfies and most notably, listening to fitting tunes in front of the oceanic enclosure.

Saturday, 17th // Our family took a short road trip to Malaysia, to attend a distant relative's wedding dinner. It was the definition of a small town, but it was also where my Mum grew up in. We were greeted with a sunflower-themed hotel, and colourful rural houses along the way. My brother and I kept each other company during the dinner, and became involved in some funny antics. (Yes, I really did accidentally walk into the gents' room. And when I came out of the ladies' room, I was rather surprised to see my brother being challenged to a drink-off with a random table. Seeing elders get heavily into karaoke is amusing, too.) Anyway, I saw a side of my Mum's family that I never quite knew existed. They were all such jovial folk! It was so sweet to witness my Mum being swarmed with hugs from relatives who hadn't seen her in a decade. We were treated with authentic food, paid a visit to our granduncle's house, reminisced childhood stays, and met a gorgeous Siberian husky.
Sunday, 18th // Rushed back to Singapore and attended Slow Magic's live gig! I believe we were the youngest there, but it didn't deter us from getting into the vibe. Benita introduced me to some great people, who were as enthusiastic (if not more) about the same kind of music. Though I didn't particularly enjoy the sets by the warm-up DJ, Slow Magic himself had truly delivered the magic. We even met him after, and got photos with him! (See above.) It's interesting because around this time last year, we both went to the Phoenix concert. Well, this may or may not become a January ritual. I wouldn't dare object to it!
Monday, 19th // (present-day) Finally reunited with Trudy and she took Benita and I to PS Cafe. I've heard the hype and was satisfied to have tried it, yet might have burned a hole in my wallet. (Oops.) Regardless, these two are so dear to me, and they turned an otherwise average dining experience into extraordinary. I can always count on them to provide constant laughs just like old times - which seems like an eternity ago. I always cherish these annual meetups whenever they pop up.
  And there we go! The days not mentioned were either spent lazily or with family. Yet somehow, I still manage to remain exhausted as ever. Look at me, not blogging for a week and I'm already behind on keeping up-to-date. Every day has been so eventful; I'm blessed with such the privilege of a comfortable, more than ample life. Tomorrow marks the the beginning of our tropical vacation to Krabi, a promising coastal getaway west of Thailand. It's crazy, how this month has been full of fervid activity. Oh January, you have been good to me.

  Thanks to those who continuously stick around and leave sweet words! I want to know how your January is faring. ♡



  1. oh i love your blog so much rachel

  2. You look like you've been having so much fun! Yay :D
    I saw that meal with the chips on like snapchat or something and I remember being really jealous and hungry at the time haha.
    Also it is so cool that you got to have a photo with Slow Magic :)
    Safe travels Rachel xo

  3. Looks like you had so much fun! :) Really loved this post. I'm on your blog for the first time but I will probably visit more often now, because it's so lovely.

  4. I am, thank you <3
    And my apologies, it's hard to pass up a good ole Snapchat for something as tantalizing ;) I'm still trying to process this past week but I'm glad it's all been fun. Thanks again for all the love Meg and just so you know, I'm keeping up with all your fun too!

  5. Thanks Kinga! That's rewarding to hear x

  6. Tara x Fashionbambini12:41 pm, January 22, 2015

    It was so lovely to have finally met you!!!! Couldn't ask for a sweeter gal <3 x

  7. Likewise, lovely! An unforgettable day for sure <3

  8. Apologies on the very, very late comment.

    But that's great you got to meet another Internet friend. It's an amazing feeling and it's especially great putting a face to a name.

    As for the movie Interstellar; I found it amazing. And lucky for me, (because I saw it with Kev) he knows a lot about space so to have him by my side to ask ridiculous questions helped me understand the movie even more. But the ending, my gosh! haha.


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